🟣Special projects

Boundless thoughts, assets and art

In accordance with our vision, we clearly undestant that many creators have ideas for NFTs that cannot be implemented within the framework of standard interfaces of existing marketplaces. This is a combination of various media, texts, complex collections, riddles, puzzles and so on.

The lack of flexibility of existing marketplaces leads to the fact that creators create their own web sites for their NFT projects, without being able to reach a large audience of marketplaces.

One of the priority tasks of our team is to support and develop special projects with high artistic and social value. That's why on Picipo anyone who wishes has the opportunity to tell an interesting story about themselves and introduce their collection of artworks to the community in a way of Special Projects.

Here are some special projects that already exist on the platform.

Our platform has no limitations, so everyone can contact the Picipo team, apply to create a unique design for a separate page in the Picipo ecosystem, and put up their artworks for sale.

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