🟣How to get started?

Whether you're an artist or a collector, we'll show you how to create your profile

Picipo is a unified NFT management platform on NEAR, Polygon, Aurora, and BNB Chain, and has a direct focus on servicing the creation, discovery, trade/distribution and leveraging of NFTs. Due to the decentralized moderation functionality, Picipo may be considered as a boutique marketplace with very cool NFTs, and also has a separate section without moderation - Freepo - which allows any artist to mint artworks without moderation. Beyond these issues a lot of attention is paid to social tools and mechanics, allowing digital artists and collectors to communicate directly on the platform.

To start working on Picipo, you can switch the interface of the platform to any of the three languages - English, Chinese or Russian.

You can do this in the upper right corner,

or in the lower left corner.

Also in the upper right corner you can switch to night or day color mode.

After choosing the language and color mode that is most convenient for you, you can move on to connecting to the platform.

There are several ways to get started on the platform, it all depends on whether you are a digital artist or a collector. But the first step is exactly the same for everyone - you need to connect to the platform using your Metamask, Wallet Connect or NEAR wallet.

To do this you need to click the 'Connect' button in the upper right corner and choose the option that suits you best.

Please note that the platform operates on the Polygon, NEAR, Aurora and BNB chains, so you can connect using Polygon/Matic, BNB/Smart chain, Aurora or NEAR mainnets.

If you do not have any of these mainnets or you do not have a NEAR wallet, you can add them or creat a new NEAR wallet using the buttons located at the bottom left of the platform.

As soon as you connect to the platform, the 'Create' button will appear instead of the 'Connect' one. Now you can go to your profile and add information about yourself (avatar, description of yourself and links to social networks), as well as add a background in order to highlight your account a little.

After that, depending on whether you are a digital artist or a collector, you need to carry out the following steps.

For digital artists

To start minting your artworks on the platform, you need to go through the moderation process and get the status of an artist on the platform. To do this, you need to click on the 'Π‘reate' button in the upper right corner, and fill out the form. As soon as you upload up to 5 artworks, provide linkes to other your profiles on marketplaces (if any), and add any information about yourself, your achievements or anything else, you need to click on the 'Submit request' button.

Each application is evaluated by our moderation team, consisting of leaders of the artist communities, influential collectors and talented artists. As soon as your application form is accepted, you can start minting your artworks on the platform.

Please note that accounts on the platform do not support multi-chain, that why, in order to become a creator on several blockchains, you need to create several accounts. Thus, before you connect to the platform and start creating a profile, you need to decide on the network in which you want to mint your artworks.

For collectors

If you're a collector and don't plan to mint your artworks on the platform, you don't need anything else. You can start searching for artworks on Picipo, buy, thereby becoming the owner, and then sell, if you want.

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