How to buy an NFT?

Buy any artwork in a few clicks

All artworks that are minted on the platform can be purchased. For a convenient search on the platform, there are various sections, as well as a search using a great number of filters. Also on the main page there is a section that presents special projects of the artists who have minted individual collections of their artworks. Additionally, If you know the author or the title of the artwork, you can find it through the search bar.

The easiest and most convenient way to get acquainted with the artworks presented on the platform is to go to 'Explorer'. There you can sort the artworks according to a number of criteria: single or collectible artworks, a chain where the artworks are minted, live auctions, with reserved price, and not for sale.

You can switch to the 'Collection' section and choose artworks that, according to the author's idea, have a commonality.

Or you can go to the 'Users' section and check the artworks of specific authors on the platform.

If you prefer to check the artworks that are put up for auction by the authors for a limited period of time, you can also go to the 'Hot auctions' section.

You can also go to the 'Popular' section and check the artworks that users of the platform like the most. In this way, you will always be able to find artworks that match your selection criteria.

By clicking on the artwork that you like, you can see all the information for making a decision about the purchase: go to the author's profile, see in which network the artwork is minted, what royalties are set, get acquainted with the previous owners of the artwork, at what price it was sold and bought before, etc.

If everything suits you and you decide to purchase the artwork, you need to click the 'Buy now' button, then connect your wallet, confirm several transactions and after interacting with the blockchain, you will become the owner of the artwork and it will be stored on your wallet address and in your profile on the platform.

In the same way, you can purchase artworks that are up for auction. To do this, you can make a bid and if it turns out to be the highest, the artwork will become the owner after the end of the auction. Or purchase this artwork at a reserve price without waiting for the end of the auction.

If you find an artwork that you are very interested in, but it is not for sale, you can always make an offer to its owner, and if it suits him, you will become the new owner of this artwork.

We have tried to make interaction with the platform as clear as possible and provide absolutely any potential buyer with simple and understandable tools for purchasing absolutely any artwork on the platform.

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