🟡Social tools & mechanics

Picipo for Picipeople

From the very beginning, the Picipo team paid great attention to social mechanics and tools. It has long been no secret that the more users can communicate directly on the platform, the more time they will spend right there. To do this, we have created tools that allow everyone to make acquaintances, leave comments, create collaborations, like and follow authors, collections and artworks.

We have done our best to make our platform not just another place where artists sell and collectors buy artworks, we have created a place where you can communicate and spend time with great pleasure.

We have implemented tools for communication, allowing now to leave comments on the artwork so that the author immediately understands what emotions his artwork evokes in other users of the platform.

We have made it possible for users to chat P2P using a simple and clear interface.

We have provided an opportunity to subscribe to updates, allowing anyone to track easily the history of artworks, authors and their collections.

We added bookmarks so no one will ever lose the favorite artworks.

Everything is done in such a way that each user can choose his own privacy settings and be in the most comfortable conditions.

Everything is done with great attention to detail and a great desire to let users spend their time with great pleasure.

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