Get to know Picipo

I remember that day, it was like yesterday, January 17, 2021.
It was cold outside, but very hot in our office for several days. I go upstairs, take a marker and start writing on the glass: NFT, digital art, marketplace, sales, minting, artists, auction, collectors, first time, community. What does it all have in common? How can you describe all these in a few words? I think for about 20 minutes and write PICTURE INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING. In several minutes I make it shorter — PICIPO. PICIPO! Seems not bad!
I go downstairs to the team that has been brainstorming over the project name for several hours. Again I take a marker and write PICIPO on the whiteboard. A couple of minutes of silence, and the team unanimously decides that now we are called the PICIPO team. Great! Now we have the name, but we don’t want to do a project for the sake of a project, we want to make a really cool place for digital artists and collectors. How do we do this? There are already marketplaces! How can we make our project better than others? The only answer is you need to start with the community. And we started communicating with digital artists and collectors! What pains do they have, what do they like, what do they dislike?
A whole month of long and painstaking work, and now we are finally having a complete picture of what users really want to see on an ideal platform. We categorized them into the following list: high commissions, long moderation, difficulties with converting fiat money into cryptocurrency, lack of tools for promotion and communication, lack of working DeFi tools and mechanics. And that’s it! What’s next? Looking for solutions! And this is a completely next chapter in the Picipo history.
Sergei Rusak Founder & CEO
Last modified 5mo ago